Life Is Like a Box of … Vacation Memories

Although I haven’t posted anything in a long time, I’ve had so many things nudging me to write lately, Valentine’s Day being one of them. Yes, Valentine’s Day was a few weeks ago now, but I am still living in the moment of it.

I’m going to start with just before Valentine’s Day, when Grey’s Anatomy aired and the characters were popping chocolate like it was almost healthy. I couldn’t stop thinking about chocolate after that episode, and for the first time that I can remember, actually hoped to receive chocolate for Valentine’s Day. But chocolate on Valentine’s Day is so cliché, right? I didn’t care. I was willing to embrace it, my chocoholic self ready to indulge just like those TV characters. I’m pretty sure I mentioned my eagerness to receive chocolate to a couple of co-workers … but for us, chocolate is a daily topic of conversation, so no big deal. I did not think to mention it to the one person who might actually buy me chocolate, my “I’m not a sweets person” husband. Besides, eating a box of chocolate all by myself isn’t actually good for me – it would just be a guilty pleasure, providing comfort and enjoyment in the moment, and then despair and frustration as the jeans got a little tighter.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to mention chocolate to my husband, who knows me better than I know myself on a lot of days. Did I receive a box of chocolate? No. I received a box of chocolate AND a bag of chocolate. And not just any box and bag of chocolates. Lake Champlain Chocolates … “all-natural chocolates from Vermont.” Specifically, I received a cute box (cute, as in I’m going to find some trinkets to keep in this little box, because I just can’t bring myself to throw it away) of Chocolate Truffles, and a bag of Dark Chocolate Hearts.

For me, this was the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. 1) It’s chocolate (plus bonus: dark chocolate).  2) It took me right back to our family vacation last summer in Vermont, which was absolutely amazing. 3) It was incredibly thoughtful and took some actual planning to pull off (and no, my co-workers did not tip him off to the chocolate). In all honesty, it put my gift giving to shame. Note to self: be a more thoughtful gift giver – and tie in our vacation memories to the gifts whenever possible.

Lake Champlain
Exploring Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT

So, with every piece of the Valentine’s chocolate I have eaten, I have been reminded of our amazing vacation last summer, including exploring Lake Champlain, and our afternoon stop at the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory in Burlington, where we enjoyed ice cream, peered into the chocolate kitchen, admired the beautiful truffles, and filled little bags full of chocolate to take with us to enjoy during the rest of our road trip (along with our cooler full of cheese, crackers and maple syrup). Ahhh, sweet memories.  And delicious chocolate.

Now, I just have one truffle left. The good news? It’s the Champagne Truffle. I didn’t save it intentionally; it’s just how I worked my way through the box. What a fitting end to re-living such lovely vacation memories. The better news? My birthday and Mother’s Day are approaching quickly (hint, hint, sweet family!).


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